Be Digital is an action-focused marketing advisory company. Our effective research solutions are designed to help make strategical and tactical commercial decisions that grow brands. We provide research, consultancy and training.


There are four key things that make us different:

Marketing Science

Academic research has made huge progress in the understanding of how consumers think and behave. This has very important consequences for how we should do research.


Unfortunately, the research industry is still using a lot of outdated methods for collecting and interpreting data that lead to dangerously misleading advice to marketers.

You can trust that our work is in line with marketing science and we are happy to explain and train these principles.

Action Focus

Our clients appreciate the simplicity of our reports. We understand the business challenges of our clients and we ensure that our surveys ask the right questions to address them. Our research is aligned to how consumers think and act.

We do not use complicated black-box models. Everything we do is aimed at creating a simple and accurate understanding that enables marketers to take effective strategic and tactical decisions that grow their brands.

Senior Servicing

No marketer wants their project to be handled by junior staff. We care deeply about the quality we deliver and the satisfaction of our clients.

We guarantee high level involvement of the senior leaders of Be Digital in every phase of a project. They have 20+ years of experience in market research and business analysis.

Attractive pricing

Let’s face it, consumer research tends to be perceived as expensive. Marketers need information to understand their market and make decisions, but often cannot afford the research that they would like to do. We understand this very well and have developed ways to balance cost with value for our clients.

We mostly do online surveys and often use a syndicated/omnibus approach. By spreading fieldwork cost across clients, we can offer high value at much lower cost, without sacrificing on quality. This makes us unique.

Our work is grounded in evidence-based marketing theories